Inspired by their natural beauty, Mill Valley artisan Jane Rosenberg has been working with Tahitian pearls and leather for over 10 years. Until recently, this was a solitary artistic endeavor, a passion project pursued simply for the joy of creation.

But friends were clamoring for necklaces of their own. Strangers stopped her on the street to ask about her work. Jane felt it was time make her work available to the world, and Perlu was born.

Like a favorite t-shirt or pair of jeans, Perlu is something you will instinctively reach for every day. The Tahitian pearls and leather create a soothing sensation against your skin and invite you to touch them in playful meditation—like casually elegant prayer beads.

Perlu will be your go-to necklace. As Jane learned, it will capture the attention of your friends, and bring you great joy and comfort whenever you slip it on.